Saturday, February 24, 2018

Last Year's Fleece

Last winter I purchased several cuts of single-sided fleece.  I loved the colors and thought I would have some time to learn how to work with the fabric.  I had something sporty and color-blocked in mind.  Functional, warm, without sacrificing style was the goal.

These cuts have been in my sewing room for a year and it wasn't until about a week ago that I had some spare moments to pull them out for cutting.  For this piece I knew what I wanted and made a makeshift pattern with tissue paper to not waste any of the fabrics.  Since they are from last year's stock I probably wouldn't luck out in finding them again.

This is the design I came up with and I have been living in it ever since.  They look great with my fuzzy earmuffs and I feel fashion forward yet retro, cozy, and extremely comfortable.  I can wear them with sneakers or boots and have been combining it most with black jeans or my thermal catsuits.  For these pictures I pulled out a pleather skirt I made years ago and mauve colored tights.

Since I have enough fabric leftover to make one more of these I will be adding it and some like pieces to the shop soon :).

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Experiments in Outerwear

Sewing outerwear has always intimidated me.  Despite having a lot of design ideas, I felt that outerwear would be much more difficult to execute and have avoided it entirely until now.  I've passed up lots of beautiful outerwear fabrics in my years of designing for this reason, regretfully so.

Today marks the day where I released my first outerwear piece to  Click here to see the Margaux Faux Fur Coat, this is a huge milestone for me and ever since experimenting with outerwear via Margaux, and a long flannel coat I am releasing soon, I have been on a kick with coats and jackets.  It's almost all that I have the desire to design right now since it is an exciting new front!

This jacket I am wearing is a gorgeous wool blend I found.  I loved how soft it was and the color.  I had this design in mind and am considering adding it to Iconoclasp, although a part of me wants to use the fabric to make luxury wool bomber jackets.  I may add both in limited quantities.  When I first made this coat it was much longer, almost floor sweeping.  However, with the boxier silhouette I found the length overpowering and was between shortening it or adding pleats or darts to give a more defined waist.  I opted for losing some length since I feel most of my designs are more fitted and I want to add some variation.  I added ribbing at the wrists to update it a bit and give it a more playful, modern look.

The bodysuit I am wearing is also new, I will be adding it soon as a part of my spring collection.  I love nudes and neutrals so this is my new favorite design and addition to my closet.  Expect more details on this bodysuit soon!  The boots are from Ego Shoes and I love them, but they slip down a little too much for my preferences.  However they are the perfect color, material, heel height, and I don't regret purchasing them in the slightest.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Cat's (Striped) Pajamas

I've been inspired by loungewear as outer wear and casual cool looks.  Recently I've made more efforts to move away from my comfort zone of form fitted clothing and incorporate some oversized pieces into my wardrobe.

When I found this beautiful lightweight striped cotton I loved it instantly and felt inspired to do a pajama-esque look with a high fashion edge.  I came up with this outfit which will be for sale at a holiday pop up shop on November 25th.  I will post details in my next post!

The top looks great with or without the waist tie but since the oversized look is already out of my element I had to at least give the waist a good cinch, I finished the look with my baby blue Zara t-strap stilettos.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Glittering Gold

I made this dress several years ago for a fashion show.  I remember visiting several hardware stores looking for a gold ring for this design I had in mind!  This dress is obviously 70's inspired and is a combination of glitter velvet and metallic slinky.  

I purchased these boots in two colors last fall but found them difficult to style, especially since I'm so short!  It took me awhile to realize that they look great with mini length dresses/skirts because I rarely wear mini and usually opt for knee length or calf length.  The boots are great and comfortable although they do slip down from time to time.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Chiffon & Lace

I'm not a huge fan of lace but every now and again I find a lace fabric that catches my eye.  I love navy blue and the subtle glitter of the clear sequins on this particular lace.  I purchased it with the intention of making a gown, but I opted for a cat suit with panels of chiffon!   Vintage gold belt and shoes :). 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Mesh

I'm partial to sleeves and high necks, I feel my best in crew and turtlenecks.  Summer fashion is a struggle for me for that reason as well as my preference for boots and fitted pants.  One solution I've found is to use mesh, I made this mesh bell sleeve turtleneck with a square weave cotton mesh I found just two yards of.  It's breathable and keeps me cool while still allowing me to indulge in long sleeves :).

Monday, June 26, 2017

Woven Stripes

I have been experimenting sewing with woven fabrics lately, I loved this striped suiting fabric and decided to make a two piece set.  I might actually like them worn separately from each other more, but decided to pair them together for this post.  I found a beautiful black separating zipper with golden teeth and pull which I thought made a great accent to the fabric.

These pants will probably be my summer go to with boxy cropped white tee's and tanks!  Now that summer is here I am trying to give my skin tight skinny jeans a break in exchange for more relaxed fits.