Friday, July 6, 2018

Vintage Inspired, Plaid + Gingham

This gorgeous cotton fabric jumped out at me on my last fabric store visit.  I have been looking to experiment more with woven materials and I have always felt like cottons are made in the best prints.  This one is very 1950's vintage inspired with a gingham plaid mix in classic picnic reminiscent colors.  Being that I primarily work with knits, I would skip all the gorgeous cotton prints to opt for something with more give.  But I am finding I love working with wovens more and more and are now very open to purchasing them when they catch my eye.

I knew I wanted a summer outfit with this fabric, the material screams summer and the material is also light and breathable... perfect for the hot weather Michigan has been experiencing.  I was set on a high waist mini skirt that was a-line but not a particularly wide or flowing a-line.  I had million ideas for the top that I couldn't narrow down!  I ended up going with none of them because a triangular scrap piece that had resulted in cutting my skirt had caught my eye.  I looked in the mirror, held it to my neck and it was a lightbulb moment.  It worked out to look exactly as planned and I couldn't be happier with the result!

This design is now available in my Etsy shop and I am going to recreate it in other fabrics for the website!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

B&W Stripes


Combined big stripes and little stripes in a monochromatic black and white look.  I bought these fabrics for a mod look I had planned a year ago but never got to.  Since they are lightweight and silky, I decided I needed to cut into them this summer.

Vintage backpack & belt, flatforms from Zara.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Psychedelic Sundress

I found a yard and a half of this beautiful designer fabric that has pleats and a psychedelic pattern.  It is a cotton with great breathability for the hot summer months without sacrificing any style.

Recently I branched out of my comfort zone by experimenting with outerwear.  I am also testing myself by creating looks that show off some leg.  I am not a fan of shorts and prefer maxi to mini in almost every case.  But the 90 degree weather is making me rethink ways to make shorter hemlines work for me.

This dress has great volume for being mini and showing off both shoulders.  I think this helps elevate the outfit as well as the scarf that fans around the neck and extends down below the hemline.  This fabric is so beautiful it was almost impossible to make something I didn't approve of with it.  It also looks great with leggings and boots as an alternative.  It was in the low 90's when I shot this look so I opted for bare leg with T-strap heels from Zara.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sueded Prose

One of my favorite designs, the Sueded Prose Textured Tunic.  This fabric was a beautiful find, I tried to fight my urge to buy it a few times, if you could see my fabric collection you would understand why.  However when my mom tagged along with me to the store, she would not let me leave without it
It's long enough that I can wear it with a mini dress, the length was a great opportunity to wear my over the knee boots from Public Desire.  I accessorized with a leather vintage bag and vintage beret.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I have been dreaming of going on vacation out west again, I think that is a huge part of why this fabric that I have had in my stash for quite some time really caught my eye.

I did not have much of it so I decided on a tropical, vintage-inspired wrap style.  It can be worn a number of ways which makes it fun and versatile.  I love the print, it is a lightweight, textured, silky type of woven fabric so it has a lot of movement and flow.  I maximized that by the loose fluttery sleeve and long ties that playfully move with me.

I am wearing it with Free People wide leg denim pants that I love.  I live in skinnies and was excited to find a pair of wider leg pants that I love!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stella Shag Coat

Today I released the sister to the Margaux Coat (our first outerwear release!) which is the Stella Shag Coat.  Slightly wavier faux fur, this light grey shag has gorgeous texture!  The main differences between this design and Margaux are that it is a longer length, hitting around mid thigh and that it is a boxier cut.  Margaux has quite a pinch at the waistline to give a more defined waist, something that I had a hard time finding while shopping for a fur coat.  I decided on a boxier cut for Stella because I thought it looked better with the longer length.

Another difference which is actually my favorite feature of this coat is the inside lining.  I found a unique doll head print that I used as the lining, it also has a large inside concealed pocket like Margaux.
I made the sample size in a large, so it is a bit big for me.  However I was able to make it work with this look by wearing it lower, around the shoulders.  I am wearing it with the Blank Theory ruffled pullover top that was released last year.  It is still an absolute favorite of mine!
Highwaist Jeans:  American Apparel Easy Jean
Grey Oxfords:  Rebecca Minkoff

Friday, March 30, 2018

Void Pullover

The newest arrival to hit Iconoclasp is the Void Pullover.  I found this beautiful grey and black textured grid fabric a couple years ago and wanted to save it until I had a good idea from it because it's so unique.  I wanted to let the fabric shine so I opted for something simple to let the detail in the fabric shine.  I decided on a relaxed fit pullover, since I am partial to cropped lengths I wanted to do something different and go for a fuller length (although it's tucked here so you can't quite see!).  I wanted to add some contrast by attaching the rectangle appliqué, turtleneck, and cuffs in a solid white.

I am wearing the top with pants from Ann Taylor Loft and chunky boots from Public Desire.

Now that the weather is warming up stay tuned for more consistent updates!  I'm really looking forward to getting more creative with my designs and blogging them!